Francisco Morero Peyrona

Personal Information
Name Francisco José Morero Peyrona
Address Madrid
Country Spain
Position Oracle's EMEA Java Community Leader
  Francisco Morero Peyrona


Merits and Noteworthy Accomplishments
  • EMEA Java Community Leader at Oracle. Two years after the adquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, I was choosen to take this position.

  • Awarded Sun Engineer: in a public ceremony Mr. Jeff Jackson (Vice President at Sun Microsystems) personally handed in the credentials to Francisco Morero.

  • Sun Microsystems selected my Open Source project JDBC Manager to be integrated as a key part of their NetBeans Java platform IDE (the official IDE for Java development).

  • Certified at Sun's SEED mentoring project.
    I worked in SQA service normalization and co-created the world wide service and its implementation handbook.
    (Only 100 employees were selected every year to be part of this program).

  • Representing Sun Microsystems in the Open Source World Conference Organization Committee in 2008.

  • TDCO++ (for more information please see below) was chosen as a development tool by several well-known institutions and companies, such as Johnson Space Center (NASA) or the Univerisidad Complutense de Madrid (most prestigious university in Spain). It also won the award of "Cool Tool of the Month" provided by the international magazine Reference Clipper.

  • I have belonged to "Andalusian Government IT Experts Database" since 1986, instructing government IT teachers of the Andalusian Ministry of Education.

  • My first book ("Object Oriented Programming with Clipper") was used as a teaching and reference book by several universities in Spain and Latin America.

  • "La Recherche" published in 1993 a reference to a book based on three days of conferences event. The only one conference cited by the magazine was the one I gave: "Expanding Horizons: Artificial Intelligence".

Technologies I'm currently using
  • Java
    • Enterprise Edition (EE version 7)
    • Standard Edition (SE version 8), including Swing
    • Application Servers:
      • WebLogic
      • Glassfish
      • Tomcat

  • Web ecosystem
    • HTML 5
    • JavaScript (verison 1.8)
    • WebSockets
    • Some of CSS3

  • Android (version 4.4)
    Main APIs:
    • Geolocation
    • Data Base
    • User Interface

Current Activities
At Oracle
  • EMEA Java Community Leader.

  • Software Quality Assurance:
    Since 2006 leading SQA implementation in public as well as private sectors projects.

  • Project Prototiping and Developing:
    Another frequent activity consists in creating prototypes and also coding assistance for all kind of projects related with Java and Web.

Other activities
  • Documentation Area Responsible in JavaHispano (

  • Collaborator at "Ingeniería Web y Testing Temprano" ( group of Sevilla's University.

Publications and Conferences
  • Introduction to OOP (Eidos, 2000)
  • Object Oriented Programming with Clipper 5.2 (Paraninfo, 1995)
  • Towards Visual Objects (Ra-ma, 1994)
  • Object Oriented Programming with Clipper 5.01 (Paraninfo, 1993)
  • Clipper Masters (Ra-ma, 1993)

Magazines (paper printed copy)

  • Mundo Linux: January 2006
  • Solo Programadores: frequently since June 2005
  • Algoritmo: From the 1st issue in 1995 until magazine closed in 1999.
  • Foxmania: From 1994 until the magazine closed in 1995.
  • Clippermania: From 1992 until the magazine closed in 1995.


  • At Oracle one of my tasks is to give conferences and participate in Java Communities events.
  • As evangelist, one of my tasks at Sun Microsystems were to give conferences.
  • Chicago Clipper Users Group: monthly from April to November 1995.
  • Countless conferences in Spain, mainly in Madrid and Málaga from 1989 to 1994.

Academic Information

Titles and Diplomas

  • 1995 - Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences from Illinois State (USA)
  • 1995 - Master in Psychology from Illinois State (USA)
  • 1992 - Diploma in Artificial Intelligence. University "Nacional de Educación a Distancia" - Madrid (Spain).
  • 1984 - Diploma in Computer Sciences. "Centro de Cálculo" of the University of Granada (Spain).
  • 1984 - Degree in Psychology. University of Granada (Spain).


  • Spanish (mother language)
  • English (high level after working in USA for close to 3 years)

Diplomas at Oracle

  • 2012 - WebLogic Server 11g Administration LVC
  • 2011 - JRockit Labs

Diplomas at Sun Microsystems

  • 2009 - ITIL v3
  • 2009 - Glassfish v3
  • 2009 - Glassfish + MySQL
  • 2009 - JSF, ICEfaces, Portlets and Liferay
  • 2008 - JCaps 2
  • 2007 - JCaps 1

Labour Information
  • 2010 - Currently I'm working as Java Senior Engineer at Oracle.
  • 2006-2010 - I was working at at Sun Microsystems Java Senior Engineer until it was adquired by Oracle.
  • 2005 - I cooperate with the NetBeans development team. As well as writting articles and giving conferences.
  • 1998-2004 - Project Manager for the Spanish branch of CHS Data Systems (a German IT company). Led a team of 14 analysts, programmers and web designers. Developing projects in the areas (among others) ERP, Web-Portals, Windows to Linux migration and Public Administration.
  • 1995-1997 - Project Manager for Strategic Computer Support in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Responsible for developing projects in the areas of telecommunications and health-care.
  • 1984-1994 - Teaching for the government of Andalusia (training IT teachers), writing books, articles and giving conferences.

Personal Profile
As Java Senior Engineer at Oracle, I work mainly in SQA filed in Banking and Public Administration areas.

Previously, as project manager during ten years, I covered all tasks involved in the development process of an IT system, and worked tightly with all other departments. I developed considerably big projects, achieving successfully the goals, in time and within budget.

Even if my profile is clearly technical, I do not consider myself as a typical technician: I like to go out of the office and interact with customers, detecting their necessities and being able to help them in improving their business processes.

I am confident that I can accomplish these tasks in a clear and professional manner.

Francisco José Morero Peyrona
Marbella - October 5th, 2009.
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